((OOC: Sexual Headcanons: Tsuna and Kyoko))

what was their first kiss like- Very awkward at first, but adorable and tender

where were they their first time having sex- Tsuna’s room- though it’s amazing they got anything done in there at all due to all the chaos

who’s louder- Tsuna~

who wakes up first- Kyoko- normally because she has to get back home before ‘onii-san’ starts to worry

favorite form of foreplay- Kyoko is -surprisingly- a bit of a tease, so a lot of vague flirting and possibly a strip tease from time to time 

who performs/receives oral more often- Tsuna on Kyoko- he just loves her so much he wants to make SURE she’s satisfied

what kink they most often use- Not sure if it counts as a kink or not, but Kyoko likes to top. …a lot.

who more often tries new things- Kyoko! She has girlfriends who have books, magazines, tips and advice for all SORTS of things- I see Kyoko as secretly kinky/freaky- Tsuna is a little reluctant each time, but again he wants her to be happy.

if they had to choose a third+ person to include who would it be- …hmm…Haru? But that would be Kyoko’s choice, not Tsuna’s XD

favorite toy- …can’t really think of a toy for them to be honest :x

is there a certain thing one of them can’t have sex without- Lots of fluffy/cute/rotyourteethsugarsweet snuggling/cuddling/kissing.

their general feelings on sex in the relationship- It’s like the ultimate dream for Tsuna since he’s loved Kyoko forever. And Kyoko loves Tsuna and his earnestness when it comes to sex.

how careful are they about using protection- Very, very careful because Reborn feels the need to Always remind Tsuna about it XD

a fantasy of one that the other will never be able/willing to fulfill -  …sadly this entire thing qualifies as a fantasy since Kyoko is kind of oblivious.

…sorry Tsuna D: