((OOC: Sexual Headcanons- -Fuuta/I Pin- bothTYL and older))

what was their first kiss like- Brief but sweet

where were they their first time having sex- I Pin’s room

who’s louder- …I see them both as being fairly quiet/focused individuals, but off hand I’d think Fuuta?

who wakes up first- I Pin

favorite form of foreplay- I Pin dominates and dictates a lot, though not really by choice, it just happens since she’s stronger than Fuuta

who performs/receives oral more often- I’d say it’s about equal

what kink they most often use- Fuuta loves her in costumes ;3 And I Pin likes playing with his suit ties and or scarf whenever the opportunity presents itself.

who more often tries new things- I Pin, since she has a lot of endurance and flexibility from years of training.

if they had to choose a third+ person to include who would it be- Not really a ‘choice’ so much as Lambo would try to wriggle his way in as the third person… I Pin and Fuuta do NOT approve!

favorite toy- I really don’t see them as the toy type :x -I’m answering this question pretty much the same since I’m kind of scared to research sex toys XDD- 

is there a certain thing one of them can’t have sex without- Passionate kisses usually gets both in the mood, if it’s not there then it’s just not gonna happen

their general feelings on sex in the relationship- Both Fuuta and I Pin love each other very much -daww boring, romantic fluffy lub-lub- and see sex as an expression of it 

how careful are they about using protection- Very since Fong/Fon just might kill Fuuta- with a smile of course- if I Pin wound up a teenage mother.

a fantasy of one that the other will never be able/willing to fulfill - Wild, loud passionate sex, they both seem like very reserved people so I can’t picture anything but sweet, tender love making…yeah I lack imagination, sue me